Alexander McQueen's Runway Makeup Is On Display

The next time your significant other complains that you’re taking too long to do your makeup, just reply by saying that art takes time. That’s right, makeup is art and it has been gaining more artistic recognition now with Alexander McQueen’s makeup exhibition. Beginning this month, from April 30 until May 7, McQueen’s exhibit will be on display at the London College of Fashion. The exhibit will be called, “Warpaint,” and it will be a part of the Fashion Space Gallery.

At the exhibit, you can check out McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis, which is his spring collection from 2010 and you can also play around with an app that’ll put the makeup looks from the current exhibit onto you. There will also be a 3D installation that will reveal McQueen’s makeup models going through their transformations. The makeup looks that create, “Warpaint,” was heavily inspired by London.

The curator of the Fashion Space Gallery, Polona Dolzan, told Yahoo!, “London was McQueen’s biggest source of inspiration, so many people have had the privilege to collaborate with him.” She continued to explain, “Makeup — whether obscuring or revealing — was an integral part of the overall feel for each show…the beauty looks are so important, and in the scheme of a larger retrospective, intricately considered details like makeup may get a bit lost. The Gallery is a small space that’s perfect for satellite exhibitions, as it can offer a different insight.”

I hope this exhibit will begin to make people think about the different extents that makeup can be pulled to, and that it travels across the pond and shows here in the United States!


Image: Getty