Chrissy Teigen Shares Racist Encounter & Laughs It Off Because Sometimes Humor Is The Best Defense

Chrissy Teigan is just THE BEST, and if you're anything like me, you're still using her awkward crying moment from the Golden Globes as a universal reaction GIF. Thankfully, the girl's got a mouth on her (like many great women do), and on Thursday morning she shared with the world a story about a racist encounter she had in Hollywood. A man hurled racist slurs at Chrissy Teigen just because she dropped her sunglasses on the ground. Interesting. Just goes to show that literally anything will set a racist off.

Thank god Teigen can have a sense of humor about a situation like this, because sometimes, that's really the best defense against discrimination. (Also, shoutout to Teigen for coming back to Twitter after she left when she got death threats back in October).

The supermodel explained the situation in more detail on her Twitter account after fans started asking her questions. Her response was pretty funny, and honestly, sometimes the best and most cathartic reaction to racism is just to laugh it off.

Mindy Kaling, ever the queen of laughing it off, responded to Teigen with her own shout of WTF in solidarity. Teigen said that the man's slur was roughly, "Chinese people drop stuff a lot," which... ??? It's that total illogical senselessness that makes the situation just a little bit funny.

For me personally, sometimes it feels good to just laugh about stupid racist comments and not waste mental energy thinking about what prompted the comment or by trying to deconstruct it. Because if you can distract yourself by laughing at people's stupidity, that's a hell of a lot better for your self-esteem for the day. It's OK to laugh at it and be on your way. Props to Teigen and Kaling for knowing that.