The Advanced Style Ladies Take On Hearing Aids

Ari Seth Cohen and his bevy of older lady-friends whom he features on his blog, Advanced Style, are the epitome of timeless elegance. Now, Cohen and Advanced Style are making Audicus hearing aids, of all things, super stylish. These women have been fashion icons for longer than any of us have been alive — the OG octogenarian style maven, Iris Apfel, even has a documentary coming out this month — but this is the first time the ladies of Advanced Style have designed something of their own.

Audicus is described as the "Warby Parker of hearing aids" and their company's motto is "Live Loudly," so it makes sense the brand would want to pair up with some hip, forward-thinking older women to customize and model their tech. Cohen worked personally with the design team from Audicus to create a collection of removable stickers that come in prints his ladies would most definitely approve of, including leopard print, polka dot, hologram, and, my personal favorite, sparkling hot pink. The collection, much like Cohen's blog, book, and documentary, seeks to break down the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding aging.

After all, just because you need help hearing doesn't mean you don't want to look chic.

And actually, after seeing the video Cohen created with his eternal muse, Joyce Carpati, and the way he was able to make hearing aids look actually fun and cool, it's hard to imagine why products angled towards an older generation haven't gone this route before. If Joan Didion for Céline, Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent, and Jessica Lange for Marc Jacobs weren't enough proof, here's the final pronouncement that 80 is officially the new 25.

Images: Screenshot