Thomas Ravenel's Campaign Manager, Scott Wheeler, Is Perfect For The 'Southern Charm' Star'

I was a little bit worried when I read that Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel was running for Senate. With his legal issues in the past, and simply the fact that he was on a reality show that wasn't exactly Meet the Press, I didn't know if T-Rav even stood a chance on the political trail. He was going to need an Olivia Pope to work some magic. Enter Scott Wheeler, Thomas's campaign manager. I can't say Scott Wheeler's presence helped T-Rav's campaign — Thomas lost with only 3.9 percent of the votes — but I can say that Wheeler was definitely a great fit for a reality TV star/politician like Thomas.

According to U.S. News, Scott Wheeler was approached by Bravo to run T-Rav's campaign, which sounds so shady to me. It's not that Scott Wheeler's entertainment background doesn't make sense for someone like Thomas, but why is Bravo reaching out about Thomas' campaign? That seems over-involved and errs on the side of scripted to me, but maybe that's just because I like my reality TV essentially filmed on an iPhone with no editing.

Despite Bravo being involved in the hiring of Scott — I'll look past it —, I really think Scott and Thomas are a great match, and here's why.

Scott Has Experience In Politics

Scott created the National Republican Trust PAC, and while you may or may not agree with his stand points, it is a pretty big committee in the realm of politics. His experience through this committee would definitely help Thomas go up against the incumbent, Republican Lindsey Graham.

Scott Also Has Experience In Entertainment

Scott has also produced a handful of television documentaries that have covered a ton of political topics. This is a pretty great blend of knowledge for working with someone like Thomas, who is obviously not only in the public eye for the campaign, but also for his television show.

Scott Is A Journalist

Scott is an investigative reporter who has written books, worked on columns, and keeps a constant POV on politics through his public persona. He knows how to tell a story — through his writing experience — and that is very important for Thomas to have on his side when his opponents challenge him on his past.

Scott's Covered Serious Issues

Wheeler has been featured on shows like CNN, Fox News, CNBC, CBS, and more. In 1998-1999, Wheeler posed as AN ARMS DEALER to expose a "weapons of mass destruction pipeline" run out of the Middle East. Not only does that sound like a Ben Affleck movie waiting to happen, but it definitely gives someone the right to be a campaign manager for a Bravo star. Although I don't know which one is more unpredictable...

Images: Robert Ascroft/Bravo; Giphy (4)