Vera Wang's Spring 2016 Bridal Collection, Vera Unveiled, Is Hauntingly Beautiful

Wedding dress genius Vera Wang just released her Spring 2016 bridal collection, Vera Unveiled, and the range, along with the accompanying video, is captivating and hauntingly beautiful. You wouldn’t normally associate something so creepy with something as cheery as a wedding, but when you put those two together and wind up with bridal gowns this beautiful, I’m more than willing to live with it.

The spring line features what are, perhaps, some of Wang’s sexiest designs to date. Many of the gowns are at least partly, if not completely sheer, exposing the body in a way that is so not in line with bridal tradition — which is a great thing. The name “Unveiled” is so appropriate for this collection on multiple levels.

These dresses are light and delicate, many of them featuring layers of cascading tulle and lightweight, almost ghostly fabric that is quite fitting for the overall theme of the video that advertises the collection. There’s something very unusual about these gowns, and the lace and tulle throughout are undeniably beautiful. Some of the offerings seem to be more fitting for the wedding night than the wedding day, but hey, maybe brides to be can save some money on these double-duty numbers.

Take a look at the video and check out some of the dresses below.

Vera Wang on YouTube

1. Delicate Lacework

2. Cascading Layers

3. Barely There

4. Dainty Daisies

5. Nearly Negligee

6. Hidden Skirt

7. Revealing Cutouts

Images: Vera Wang(7)