This Woman Found Her Birth Mom Where?!

When an Ohio woman tried to find her biological mother recently, she never could’ve guessed that search would end up leading her to a very familiar place: the teleservices company where she works. That’s right — after years of wondering about her biological parents, 38-year-old La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark discovered last month that her birth mother is also her co-worker. Now, that’s what I call the surprise of a lifetime.

According to local news affiliate WKBN, Mitchell-Clark got her long-awaited answer in March after the Ohio Department of Health released birth records for those born between January 1964 and September 1996. Mitchell-Clark received her own records in the mail, complete with her biological mother’s name, Francine Simmons. She looked her up on Facebook and quickly made the stunning realization: Simmons worked at Infocision in Boardman, Ohio — the very same company where Mitchell-Clark is also employed.

Aware that there was a woman named Francine who worked at the front desk of her company, Mitchell-Clark reached out to friends for contact information. The next day, she received a call from Simmons, who got pregnant with Mitchell-Clark when she was 14. It turns out she always wanted to reconnect with her daughter, but didn’t know how. Pretty amazing, right? As if their shared office wasn't enough of a coincidence, the two also discovered they only live six blocks away from each other.

And that’s not the only surprise Mitchell-Clark was in for. Apparently, she has three other sisters she never knew about — one of whom also works at Infocision. Wow… to think all three women have been working alongside each other all this time and were never aware of their connection to each other is kind of insane. Their story serves as another reminder of life’s wonderfully crazy timing.

Check out part of their emotional reunion below. Warning: you may want to grab some tissues first.

Image: Fotolia; WKBN