The Average Price Of Burgers Across America Is Surprisingly High, But Here Are Four That Are Definitely Worth The Splurge

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When you think of fast food, you think of cheap burgers stuffed into an aromatic paper bag. You also think of a glorious stomachache that will immediately follow your dollar menu feast. Caloric grease bombs paired with a bucket of salty fries is the signature American cuisine, but it might surprise you to know that the average price of burgers across the country is not, in fact, a dollar or less, as reported by Eater.

Takeout delivery site GrubHub decided to round up the prices of burgers in all major cities across America, and put that data into a super handy infographic. They also went beyond traditional fast food restaurants and collected prices from pizzerias and Thai restaurants. Based on the data provided, it's no surprise that New York City and Los Angeles have the priciest burgers around. The average price of a burger in NYC is $9.52, and in LA it's $9.44. Almost $10 for a burger? Am I an old lady, or is that kind of outrageous? But the good news is that there's cheaper American burger fare to be found, especially in Las Vegas (at $7.24) and Philadelphia (at $6.24). Is this the reason it's always sunny in Philadelphia? (Sorry, had to.)


But don't you get what you pay for? I mean, have you ever actually looked at what's underneath those deeply discounted buns? Some burgers are pricey AND delish. If the crazy high price of burgers seems completely unworthy of your hard-earned cash, here are a few burgers that are so gorgeous, you'd throw all your dollars their way.

1. The Poutine Burger

This one has gravy.

2. The Mac And Cheese Burger


3. Double Cheeseburger Calzone

Someone tell Ben Wyatt!


Just.... whoa.

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