Found Footage Of Lip Syncing Middle Schoolers, In Case You Forgot How Awkward It Is Was To Be 12 Years Old — VIDEO

Here’s proof that the creators of Lip Sync Battle weren’t the first to discover the unique joys of acting like you can sing when you really can’t: found footage of middle school students lip syncing for a class. According to Everything Is Terrible, this footage was found on what was thought to be a blank tape purchased at a thrift store (as all the best found footage is). It shows middle school students, alone and in groups, “performing” hits of the late-1990s and early aughts. Everything Is Terrible introduces the video with a simple evocative phrase: “The horror… The horror….” But I actually think it’s sort of awesome.

This video is supposed to be cringe-inducing—and rest assured, it is—but am I the only one who feels kind of nostalgic watching this? When I was in middle school, “record mime,” as we called it, was a standard part of theatre arts class. Yes, I’m sure we looked ridiculous mouthing and dancing our way through our favorite songs, but I remember it being really fun; Who doesn’t want to play pretend sometimes? That said, the idea that there could a be a tape floating around of me and three other 12-year-olds acting our little hearts out to "Lovefool" makes me want to hide in a dark room for a while, so I feel for you, middle school lip sync warriors.

Here are some of the highlights:

This trio getting their groove on to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.” (Just try to get this song out of your head for the rest of the day.)


This kid making his way through Blink 182’s super-depressing “Adam’s Song” (with added air-guitar, naturally)


This guy rocking out to Bad Religion’s “Prove It”


This girl who forgot to bring her CD to class – TWICE! She doesn’t look sorry, even when the teacher makes her declare it in front of the whole class (which is pretty mean, TBH).


Hit it, pantomime rock stars!

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