7 Reasons To Love Your Full Lips — Even If You Get Called "Froggy" From Time To Time

It's pretty safe to say that amongst the world's pre-conceived ideas of "covetable" features is having full lips. Many women even try techniques to make their lips appear fuller in order to achieve "the perfect pout."

Though all lip shapes are lovely, you definitely shouldn't feel bad for naturally having those fuller lips. Growing up, my mother always complimented me on mine, and she made me feel good for having them. But if your full lips have given you unwanted attention, here are seven reasons to start loving them anyway.

There's More Room For Your Lip Color

Wearing a bold lip color can be a fun finishing touch to a great outfit. Having fuller lips allows for the color to really pop and be shown.

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They're Great For Kissing

Okay, lips in general are great for kissing, but full lips are probably just a little more fun. C’mon, there’s more to nibble on.

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Your Smile Is More Pronounced

Your bigger lips show off the shape of that great smile that much better. In fact, your face is more animated altogether with your full lips. But watch out, that means your frown shows off more, too.

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No Need For Collagen

Or any other lip enhancing technique, for that matter. Other people are seriously trying to get what you already have, so just appreciate the trait in its natural state.

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Pouting Is More Fun

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That snarky little pout you give your friend or partner or even your parent makes a bit more impact with your full lips. Not to mention your occasional duck-face in those selfies you took yesterday.

They're A Family Trait

Odds are, you inherited those lips from someone in your family. So be proud that you’re carrying such a strong facial feature from your ancestry.

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You Appear More Relaxed

Your natural face when you’re not smiling or frowning probably looks more at ease. “Pursed lips” are not likely to happen unless you are actually pursing your lips, so it’s easier for people not to assume your mood or to jump to the conclusion that you’re upset.

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