Bravo's 'Newlyweds' Sam & Laura Pursue A Sexual Healer In Exclusive Clip — VIDEO

Let's all take a moment to thank Bravo for delivering us our favorite reality TV shows, day after day, week after week, as a constant escape from our real life realities. From the many iterations of their Real Housewives series to their scripted content like Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, the network knows how to help us unwind week after week. And Newlyweds: The First Year is another example of this entertaining content. In this exclusive clip from Episode 7 below, we see Sam and Laura as they pursue a "sexual healer," and get a read on their sex life. Ooh la la!

For those just catching up, here's what to expect with episode 7: Toi and Rouvaun are still in newlywed bliss just seven months after their wedding. In this episode we see them headed for the Dominican Republic for a belated honeymoon. Still upset over their recent miscarriage, Kirk and Laura attempt to busy themselves. Erik and Nadine visit Erik's mom at her Massachusetts convent, and Erik finds those old, pesky feelings of abandonment resurfacing in his life. As mentioned above, Sam and Laura decide it's time to get some outside help for their sex life.

Watch the exclusive clip of Newlyweds below, and tune into Bravo at 10:30 pm ET Tuesday to see the full episode in all of its chaotic glory.

Image: Bravo