When Is Jessa Duggar Due? Her Baby Might Arrive On A Very Significant Day

Here it is, folks. The news that will surprise absolutely no one: 19 Kids and Counting star Jessa Duggar is pregnant! Are you shocked? I'm not. Since she and her (relatively new) husband, Ben Seewald, tied the knot last fall, I've been waiting for Jessa to announce that she's expecting. Between her family swearing off birth control and her sister, Jill, conceiving her first baby within two weeks of her wedding, it was only a matter of time. So, the next logical question is: when is Jessa Duggar due?

Even though it would have been refreshing to see Jessa and Ben wait a while before they decided to start their family, as a true TLC reality show enthusiast, I'm pretty excited. With parents who look like they do, this baby's going to be gorgeous. So when will the little bugger make his or her entrance? According to the proud mom-to-be herself, Jessa's due on Nov. 1 — which also happens to be her and Ben's first wedding anniversary. It's almost like they planned it!

While talking to People about her pregnancy, Jessa revealed that she and Ben are pretty pumped about being parents and that their little one is scheduled to show up on their anniversary, which would probably be the best gift ever for two people who have talked about having and adopting children so often since their wedding. And since the Duggars traditionally don't drink, it's not like being pregnant or having a newborn will impede their celebrating. In fact, having a baby on their anniversary would be kind of cool.

Every year the baby's birthday & their anniversary would fall on the same date

Of course, it would get annoying having to plan a birthday party every year on your anniversary, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives. After all, for people who are as into babies as the Duggars are, I can imagine no better way for them to celebrate an anniversary than by also celebrating their kid.

They could take cute photos with the baby in their wedding outfits

Honestly, how precious would that be? Ben in his suit and Jessa back in her gorgeous pink ballgown, but this time, there's a baby with them. It would be beautiful.

TLC would inevitably make a special out of it

Because TLC makes a special about everything. Since Jill's birth is due to be featured in a special of its own next month, the 19 Kids and Counting execs would probably lose their mind over creating a special surrounding Ben and Jessa's first married year and the birth of their baby. And it wouldn't be complete if Jill didn't announce her pregnancy in a special message right before it airs!

Image: jessaseewald/Instagram