Girl Does The Robot While Making Breakfast And It's Actually Scary How Good She Is — VIDEO

I wish I was the kind of person that had a cool party trick. Like, doing the worm in 1998. Or pop locking and dropping it (is that still a thing?). Or showing off to Britney Spear's greatest hits. In all honesty, the only party trick I have is falling asleep on my friend's couch after a glass and a half of wine. I've always been particularly envious of anyone that could pull off doing the robot, so I'm insanely envious of Karen Cheng, the girl who dances the robot while eating breakfast. Where were the robot-dancing genes in my family tree? C'mon, nature.

Honestly, her version of the robot will put your semblance of a party trick to shame. Her smile is performance ready and her body only bends in completely isolated, rigid less-than-fluid motions. It's a sight to see. And not to go all '70s sports commentator on you, but I just have to say, the audience loves her, folks! She doesn't just robot—she makes breakfast as a robot. What's not to love?

This isn't robot phenomenon Karen's first time at the viral rodeo. She created the Donut Selfie that inspired Beats By Dre's #SoloSelfie campaign. And she learned to dance in just a year, with the kind of focus that explains how she's so ridiculously good at doing the robot.

Check out Karen's latest in which she dances like a robot while having breakfast:

karenxcheng on YouTube

And then see how she learned to dance in a year:

karenxcheng on YouTube

It's amazing. She shows her progression 30+ days apart and you learn how Karen became the Robot-master she is today.

At this point, Karen should be teaching classes. Think about how many television shows have scenes where one character decides they can do the robot. Had they put Karen on set, it would've gone a whole lot better.

Here are a few characters who could've benefitted from Karen's guidance:

Marshall doing the robot on How I Met Your Mother

Pawel Kubacki on YouTube

Jason Segel does have a little Michael Jackson swag going on toward the end of that video. But his isolations could be tighter. In an ideal world, he and Karen would be doing a duet that involved them moonwalking back and forth in perfect harmony. To do a side-by-side comparison between his moonwalk and Karen's, check out her Facebook page.

Liz Lemon's Robot Penis On 30 Rock

marso221 on YouTube

"Sorry! I dropped it when I was pretending it was my penis!" Classic Lemon. While this video highlights the best in ol' Liz Lemon, had it been combined with a few robot dance moves, it would've brought this scene to truly epic heights.

On the other hand, we have seen other great dance breaks in 30 Rock. Let's not forget the time Lemon rips open her shirt and dances in her bra.

But the people that most need Karen's help are obviously...

Monica and Ross Dancing On Friends

alfzone on YouTube

Don't get me wrong. They've got isolations. They've got a Moonwalk. What they don't have is any sense of rhythm or decency. They could really benefit from Karen's teaching.

Images: YouTube