'Entourage' Movie Finally, Officially, 100 Percent Happening, Probably

Seems all the boys have officially hugged it out. After the Entourage movie toiled in production for years — it was way back in 2010 that creator Doug Ellin first mentioned the "m" word — the project is actually, really, 100 percent happening. Though word came earlier Monday that a film would be announced, we still assumed the prospect of an Entourage movie was as fishy as Jeremy Piven's lunch — until Jerry Ferrara, the actor also known as Turtle, officially confirmed the news on Twitter.

Wrote Ferrara, "I am proud to announce the #Entourage movie is officially a GO! Have to thank @wbpictures and @HBO for all the support to make this happen!"

The actor followed the confirmation with a thank you to the (diminishing) group of fans who long waited for Entourage to hit the big screen: "On behalf of the 4 guys I wanna also thank the #entourage fans for the patience. The BOYS are BACK. ' it always works out'"

And there was a lot to work out — in recent weeks, executive producer Mark Wahlberg blamed "greedy" cast members for the delay, with some citing Ferrara and star Adrian Grenier as the responsible parties. After Grenier disputed the claims, Jeremy Piven became the individual blamed for the hold-up. But, as Grenier wrote in an Instagram message, "It will all work out in the end. It always does."

And, look at that! It did! Still, the boys behind Entourage, the movie have one problem left to solve: Does anyone even want to see it?