#RuinThePartyIn5Words Hashtag On Twitter Is A Master Class In How NOT To Throw A Party

Are you planning to throw a party anytime soon? Are you planning on going to a party anytime soon? If you answered yes to either of those questions, listen up: #RuinThePartyIn5Words is trending on Twitter, and I'm not kidding when I say it's an absolute master class in what not to do at a party. Any party. All parties. Seriously. You might want to take notes on this one.

As was the case with #AnnoyYourServerIn5Words, we have @TheHashtagGame to thank for #RuinThePartyIn5Words. This particular game was the result of a weekly team-up between @TheHashtagGame and @TrivWorks, and you guys? It's a winner. It first kicked up a full 26 hours ago, and it's still going strong; in fact, there's so much going on that I highly suggest heading over to Twitter and watching it all unfold in real time. Interestingly, a number of the best responses so far have come from branded Twitter accounts: Food companies, beverage purveyors, television shows, and even one from the bright lights of Broadway. I hope all those social media teams and specialists got a hearty round of applause from the rest of their companies, because they definitely deserve it.

So, what can ruin a perfectly good party? Any of the following:

The Drinks Situation:

Of course, some might applaud the depletion of the PBR supply; however, I suspect more than just Tyrion Lannister would be upset by this variation on the theme:

And, worse yet:


The Food Table:

Uh… I'll pass, thanks.

But… what's a party without pizza? At least there's...

No guac, either? (We hear at Bustle HQ clearly know a tragedy when we see one.)

But hey, there's always...

Just what kind of a party is this?!

Uninvited Guests:

To be fair, this is less of a problem if you're an adult and you have a good relationship with your parents. But for some of the younger folks out there? It could be a nightmare come to life.

Now would be a good time to bail.

Because that's exactly what happens when the Red Death shows up uninvited. Well played, Phantom. Well played, indeed.

Of course, if Jason is around, I suppose we can always pit him against the Phantom of the Opera. Not going to lie: I'd pay to see that.

...But I would not pay to see that.

Music Choice:


Please don't.

What did I just say?


Party Activities:

The next time I throw a party, I'm taking a cue from Coachella's book and banning selfie sticks.

That's pretty bad… but even that doesn't compare to this:

Go home, everybody. Party's over.

Head on over to Twitter to see more #RuinThePartyIn5Words. Happy shindigging!

Image: Kar Tr/Fotolia