Behati Prinsloo Gave Adam Levine A Haircut

When you let your wife cut your hair for you, it's obviously true love. According to E! Online, Behati Prinsloo cut Adam Levine's hair and he debuted the new shorter 'do on The Voice yesterday. You would think that between the two of them, being celebrities and all, they'd have a few hairstylists on speed dial, but no. The beautiful supermodel, and now talented barber, Behati Prinsloo, is the one who cuts her husband's hair. These two are just so adorable.

Rocking a much shorter 'do, Levine looked super dapper last night and caused quite a buzz on social media. The Voice tweeted out, "Adam's haircut tho. #VoiceResults" and got a lot of mixed emotions from fans throughout the show (because of course). But despite whatever America was feeling about Levine's haircut, there's no denying that Prinsloo did a pretty good job in giving her husband a fresh, clean trim.

It seems Prinsloo likes her man with a nice, tight hairstyle. She practically cut off his longer locks, which could've almost made it into man bun territory. In my eyes, man buns basically equal everything, but hey, if both Prinsloo and Levine are happy about the new 'do, cheers to them. Because, let's face it β€” Maroon 5's front man looks pretty good with just about any hairdo.

It's not the first time Levine debuted a new hairdo on the show. It's actually happened quite frequently. From platinum hair to a more punk look, we've pretty much gotten used to the singer's favor of using the NBC show to create some style noise. And while the Internet was too busy expressing themselves about the new haircut, Prinsloo posted an Instagram photo debuting her hubby's new hair.

Here's how it happened:

I can't handle it, there's just so much joy in one picture.

Here's how he looks now:

Yep, he definitely still looks good. Thanks Behati!