This Guy Who Does Oreo Trick Shots Into A Milk Glass Proves That Anything Is Possible, If You Just ~Believe~ — VIDEO

Your aim stinks. You probably think I'm being mean, but after you watch the following video you'll see why I'm exactly right. This guy who does Oreo trick shots into a glass of milk can get it in from any distance or angle. I bet now you're kind of feeling like maybe your aim does stink, am I right? Bounding his Oreo off walls and floors, throwing it from great distances, he always makes his small target—except for once, when his Oreo hits the side of the glass target and breaks (the Oreo, not the glass). Guys, don't try this at home. Expert Oreo thrower Peter Bamforth has his game on lock, but you could wind up wasting a lot of Oreos or (literally) crying over spilt milk.

It also goes to show that no matter where you are in your life, you can still find your niche. Sometimes it feels like there's nothing left to perfect. Everything you can think of, someone has already done before. But the industrious Bamforth went forth and became the best at something new, something that other people probably thought about, but didn't have the free hours to become expert at. If anything, this is an inspirational story about how anything is possible. Even becoming the best at chucking an Oreo into a glass of milk.

Let's take a look at some of those impressive shots:

This amazing chair trick, which I think is my favorite even though it doesn't include a throw:


This crazy up the stairs throw:

This awesome wall-floor-glass shot (3 second rule applies)

This insane blind corner trick


There's your daily dose of inspiration, everyone. Go out of make something of yourself. You might just roll out with something as impressive (and delicious) as this:

Peter Bamforth on YouTube

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