These Babies Reacting To The 'Star Wars' Trailer Are The Future Nerds Of America, Bless Their Little Hearts — VIDEO

We all had some ~emotions~ when the the new trailer for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens came out. A lot of people are still up in arms about this movie even happening, but other people in the nerdisphere have been one hundred percent ready for this since 2005's semi-cringeworthy Revenge Of The Sith happened to us. I'd argue, though, that nobody is quite as excited as these babies reacting to the new Star Wars trailer, because they clearly were BORN for this. They probably haven't even existed long enough to watch the whole series in its entirety, but that's not stopping them from jumping on board the fandom train and taking it express all the way to Nerd Town.

I honestly couldn't tell you why these small children are so excited about something that they can't quite possibly understand in their brain waves yet, but that's the power of Star Wars, I guess. It warms my cold Hoth heart to see the future nerds of the world getting this pumped so early, because it means that we will have left behind a worthy legacy. We will all eventually die, but our nerdery will live on in the hearts of generations of unsuspecting, excited bbs forever.

Here are some fans that I will argue are more fun to watch than this movie will be:

This raging little dude


This little girl who can't even with her cereal right now


This girl who just got her first taste of the Dark Side


This baby who has my new #CheekGoals


This future pod racer




GET ON HER LEVEL, GUYS. Shame on all of us "fans" who didn't break out into this dance immediately on hearing this movie was announced. SHAME.

Here's the full video of adorable humans below:

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Images: tedmurphy/Flickr; YouTube (5)