Chris Pratt Plays Dinosaur Trivia With "Apparently" Kid Noah Ritter & He Is Endearingly Bad — VIDEO

Chris Pratt may be wrangling dinosaurs in Jurassic World this summer, but he can't handle dinosaur trivia. In a fun segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he played "Dino Wrong or Dino Right" against "Apparently" Kid, Noah Ritter, and failed miserably. It wasn't because Pratt didn't know his facts — it was just that Ritter was faster. Before DeGeneres' production assistant Robbie could get the question out, Ritter was ringing in and shouting out his answer, and then promptly doing a sweet victory dance. As Pratt lost out, he scowled and shook his head, tried jokingly pushing Ritter out of the way of his buzzer, and shouted, "You're going down, Noah!" Maybe Pratt got in some practice in with his son, Jack, before the show?

Both were playfully competitive throughout the segment — Ritter more so, shouting, "in your face!" at the actor, who was at least two feet taller than him — but in the end, there was a clear winner. For the next round of competition, I hope Ritter and Pratt have a dance-off, specifically a victory dance-off, on DeGeneres' show. As seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt has some serious moves, so game on, "Apparently" Kid! Check out the amazing game below.

Image: The Ellen DeGeneres Show