This Shiba Inu Keeps Trying To Fit Into Smaller Boxes And It's Both Adorable And Hilarious — VIDEO

Dogs love car rides — well, most of them do anyway. Different dogs have different ways of riding around. Some like to chill next to their person in the front passenger seat; Some like to let loose and hang out the window while their ears and tongue flap happily in the breeze; Some like to run all over the car, hopping from front seat to back seat. Other dogs absolutely hate car rides and will spend the entire time neurotically pacing from window to window, eventually digging their claws into your legs and yowling in your face to make it stop. (I'm thinking of my dog, specifically. While I'm driving, of course.) And then you have Koharu, sweet Koharu, who gets so excited to sit politely in a box placed behind the front seat for the duration of the ride. She doesn't even seem to mind when her person plays a hilarious prank on her by replacing the dog's car box with smaller boxes each ride.

That's what makes this video so enjoyable: While some dogs would have searched frantically for the box, Koharu just tries to make the best of it and squeeze herself into her increasingly shrinking car box.

This is what her car box normally looks like:


These are the different sized boxes her person lined up for the experiment:


*rubs palms together maliciously*

Whenever she finds out she's going for a car ride, she gets really excited and practically bursts through the door:


And then she sees her first car box downgrade:


"Where'd the rest of my box go!?"

Of course, pesky human downgrades her box again, and this time she can only fit her front paws in it. Koharu is not having it:


"Who is responsible for this nonsense!? Someone get me a proper car box, I need a proper car box!"

And then just when you thought the boxes couldn't get ANY smaller...



It's okay though, because [spoiler alert] it looks like Koharu got her regular car box back at the end of the video:


Such fits, very nice, much wow.

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Images: 柴犬小春 こはチャンネル/ YouTube