#BellyButtonWatch Is Back, T.Swift Fans!

Oh, T.Swift. You coy, coy woman. The "Style" singer has once again given us a glimpse of her infamous belly button. Taylor Swift's May Glamour UK cover isn't just a gorgeous photo of the starlet (and her navel) though. The talented songwriter also guest edited the edition of the glossy proving that she's no one trick pony.

Back in November, Swift spoke with Lucky magazine about why we never see her belly button. While this may seem like a kind of a strange thing to discuss, Swift's navel has been the subject of quite a lot of speculation due to her love of midriff-bearing outfits that don't quite show off her full midsection. Well, Swift explained that she likes the mystery associated with the belly button, and that's actually kind of genius. TayTay is essentially trolling the #BellyButtonWatch community in a fun, tongue in cheek sort of way, and to me, that says so much about how fun her personality is. Be my bestie, Taylor!

On the May cover of Glamour UK, Swift is teasing her belly button in a super cute, perfect for summer time way. The singer is rocking an adorable lacy dress with petal detailing that's completely sheer. Swift rocks a white bandeau top and bikini bottom underneath that ultimately reveal her navel. While Swift has shown her belly button in the past, it hasn't been on such a grand scale. Swift's belly button is a running gag with fans of the singer, but I've got to mention that the multitalented artist didn't just cover the issue. She guest edited!

According to the cover, Swift reveals her life rules, the women who made her who she is, and her favorite hangouts. So basically, I can't wait to get my hands on this edition!

Image: Glamour UK