Dozen Students Injured From Stage Collapse — VIDEO

In a startling accident Thursday night, an Indiana high school stage collapsed during a musical performance, leaving at least dozen students injured. Video of the shocking collapse showed students from Westfield High School in Westfield, Indiana, singing and dancing to Journey's 1981 rock hit "Don't Stop Believin'" when the stage suddenly gave way. The teenagers fell and disappeared into the unoccupied orchestra pit below while screams from the audience could be heard.

In a news conference early Friday morning, Mayor Andy Cook said he spoke with the students hurt. He said there were no extensive injuries, with most having abrasions. One student, who was reportedly critically injured, is believed to be in good condition. Cook said he was shocked to hear the news, especially for small city such as Westfield, located just 20 miles north of Indianapolis.

The words "stage collapse," you don't hear in Indiana. ... I was very, very concerned when I saw that word on our dispatch.

An investigation is currently underway into what caused the collapse, authorities said. Classes are set to resume on Friday as scheduled. When asked what words he shared with the students after the accident, Cook said:

I said, "You kids must have been really rocking!" And they said, "Yes, we were having a great time."