Solange Loves Miley Cyrus Now, FYI

Despite throwing mad shade at her last month for "playing black," it seems Solange has found a soft spot for Miley Cyrus — and has no problem tweeting about it. In a new post on her Twitter, Solange linked to an article about Miley Cyrus' new song, "Rooting For My Baby," and added the simple comment: "This Miley song goes hard." The article comes from her recently launched Saint Heron site, which Solange previously described as "a home for music and cultural enthusiasts who want to see content that really reflects the community we are a part of."

It's a big change from what Solange was saying last month about the Hannah Montana star-turned-twerk queen. In a couple of tweets posted in late September, Solange seemed to subtweet straight at Miley, commenting sarcastically about white people who, in her words, "play black." Though she didn't say Miley's name outright, the tweets seem pretty obviously directed at her (and post-VMAs). "It's just so fun to "play black" huh?" she tweeted first, before following it up with, "Liiiiike......Lets all dress up, and "play black" today because that shit is more fun than six flags!!! Whhheeeeeeee."

Miley never actually commented on the tweets (unlike her lengthy responses to Sinead O'Connor's even lengthier "open letters"), so a feud never did erupt — but damn, those really sounded like they were directed at Miley. I guess "Rooting For My Baby" is just that good, that it changed Solange's whole opinion on Miley Cyrus' career and image!