The "Party Hard Moms" In Hefty Ads Are Getting Hella Turnt Because They Cannot Even And We're #Blessed To See It — VIDEO

I'm sure there are all kinds of important and inspiring reasons people want to procreate or adopt, but for me, becoming a parent has always been about one thing: Embarrassing the hell out of my kids. Like, dear future spawn, if you ever end up reading this, sorry I'm not sorry for how scarred for life you are by my ~super hip~ parenting. I didn't even have to work that hard to figure out how to do it, because these #PartyHardMoms in Hefty ads are pretty much paving the way for dorky parents of the past, present and future.

The moms in these ads are #boss at teen speak, throwing around words like "turnt" and "salty" like it's NBD. When I watch these videos I can pretty much feel the dormant eggs in my uterus shaking in fear. This is a new revolution in parenting, guys, and all the super rad teens and their super rad trends better watch their backs. We're not throwing shade here. We're lightly tossing it into a laundry basket, and reminding you to pack a sweater. (It could get cold in the shade.)

Anybody who doesn't love these ladies needs to locate their chill stat, because they are obvi the queens of everything. Here are the three baller moms you can choose from.

#Blessed Mom


Look no further for all your plaid and sass needs.

Turnt Mom


I can even. (Because I'm obsessed with her.)

#WorthIt Mom


R.I.P., my future children's dignity.

And although she isn't in any of Hefty's new ads, we would be remiss not to mention the original #PartyHardMom herself:

Preach, Amy. Preach.

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