This Couple's Wedding Photo Has The Most Terrifying Thing Ever Hiding In It — PHOTO

I recently took a selfie that I really, really liked. My outfit? Super cute! My eyebrows? On fleek! My smile? Charming. My lipstick? Fierce. My hair? Luxurious and shiny as a mink pelt. I made this photo my profile picture on Facebook (as one does), and then I saw it... that charming smile? I had something in my teeth. Bummer, right?! I didn't think other people would notice but I could no longer look at the photo without seeing not one but two little flecks of food near the corners of my mouth. I feel like everyone has had something like this happen to them at some point, and newlyweds Kevin and Christina Denis are no exception. However, chances are they have our stories beat: They found a ghost in a wedding photo. Their favorite wedding photo. Sucks, yo.

The ghoulish figure that appears to be lurking between them was pointed out by a Facebook friend. I'll give you a moment to register that if you couldn't see it before now...okay, moment over. VirKevin then took the image to Reddit to crowdsource other opinions. While he was unable to reach a consensus, some good options were offered. "Your unborn baby," suggested one Reddit user. "The folds of someone's pinkish cardigan," suggested another. "Sméagol after the Precious," was also offered, which is what I thought immediately. I mean, it makes sense that creeper would be skulking around events highlighting rings even though he absolutely wasn't invited...

Fortunately, a kindly Redditor did Kevin and Christina a solid and edited out whatever freakiness was coming between them. A hearty mazel tov to the happy couple: May your marriage be completely free of ghosts, demons, wicked spirits, and trolls.


Images: Imgur (1); Giphy (1)