Kerry Washington's 'SNL' Promos Prove You Need to Watch This Week

Is it National Kerry Washington Appreciation Day? First, it's revealed that the Scandal star is expecting her first child with her NFL star husband, Nnamdi Asomugha. Then NBC released the promos for Kerry Washington's upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live... and they're even better than we expected.

Most of Washington's past work has been in drama (besides roles in the Craig Robinson comedy Peeples this year, as well as Chris Rock's 2007 comedy I Think I Love My Wife), because she's awesome at it. But, now, she finally has a way to really show off that comedic talent she's bound to have after playing TV's most intense woman for three seasons. We'd hoped that Washington would poke fun at Scandal and all of its amazingly insane drama... and her SNL promos prove that she's up for the challenge.

Alongside SNL cast member/MVP Taran Killam, Washington has some fun with Scandal, hot peppers, captions, and of course, Killam's emotions. Scandal fan or not, this week's SNL should definitely be worth watching. Maybe it'll earn Washington that Emmy she's overdue for — Outstanding Guest Star isn't exactly Lead Actress in a Drama, but it'd be a start.

To hold you over until this Saturday, here are all of Washington's amazing promos. Are you paying attention, Kenan Thompson?