Rihanna Sports A Health Goth Look In Hawaii

Count on Bad Girl RiRi to try her hand at a style trend and own it. This past week, while vacationing in Hawaii, Rihanna sported a health goth look that will go down in the style trend's history. Of course, the look came with a cool and fierce Rihanna twist.

Rihanna kicked off her trip in Hawaii with her best friend's 4/20 wedding, in which she was the designated "fun" bridesmaid (how fitting). Not ready to escape the warm winds, sun and beaches, the singer extended her stay and has been causing some serious vacation envy on her Instagram. While out fishing this week, she posted a photo of herself clad in new and vintage Puma with a health goth twist. This, of course, makes sense being that she recently signed on the dotted line to become the sneaker brand's creative director. Can we just take the time to imagine that Rihanna might be creating a health goth line during her time Puma?

While we dream, musing over how well she mastered the health goth trend with suffice. She complemented the look with what appears to be a black lipstick, and all of it worked well with her newly red-dyed tresses, which she debuted this month.

The health goth trend has simmered down some since it was introduced into the fashion sphere this past fall. Nevertheless, people certainly seized the moment — every major fashion publication was talking about it; the guys behind the Facebook group were called in for meetings with major brands; and Alexander Wang's heavily sought after (and fought over) H&M collaboration was pretty much the icing on the cake. However, Rihanna is reviving the trend with her vintage and relaxed approach. Oh, and a crazy huge fish.

Images: Getty Images (1); @badgalriri/Instagram