Zelie For She's Latest Plus Size Line Is Divine

Designed by the stunning Elann Zelie out of Los Angeles, plus-size brand Zelie For She brings a breath of fresh air to the independent fashion industry with unique styles made for fuller-figured babes. Her looks incorporate a fresh sense of street style combined with what's trending in fashion, making each new collection something fun to look forward to — with plenty of pizzazz and bright colors to boot. Dropping on May 1st, the new Zelie For She collection will come at a perfect time for both our needs and wants this season, as summer styles begin heating up our fashion radars.

From the hints we're getting on Zelie For She's Instagram, the collection seems to be focusing on island vibes with light fabrics, bright colors, and, of course, flowers. As with previous ZFS collections, you can probably expect to see a lot of co-ord sets (which aren't showing any signs of slowing down on the trend front) and texture, texture, texture.

The co-ord set currently online for pre-order at the moment, as well as the sneak peak editorial shot featuring a maxi-length flowing dress and the sultry, flowing co-ord 'gram Elann shared, are nothing short of inspiring. Personally, I'm hoping for even more island ocean blues and turquoise hues to make a splash, as well as deep and vibrant purples to accompany these little peaks of summer green.

Gauging from the hashtags surrounding Zelie's new items, I think we can take the hint that we're about to see some outfits that'll make a perfect addition to our summer vacation suitcases. And even if you're not planning on heading to a lush beach, you can make resort-wear work in in everyday summer situations, too.

It's no coincidence that this look, currently on pre-order, is called "Take Me Away." It's sure to give you all the summertime feels for a romantic evening out.

Images: Courtesy of Zelie For She; Instagram/zelieforshe