This Is How Victoria Beckham Does Soccer Mom

Just because you're at a marathon, does not mean you need to wear sweats, yoga pants, or god forbid — running shoes. Victoria Beckham attended the London marathon wearing a pair of six-inch stilettos. But don't worry, she wasn't running, she was just cheering on her son. Talk about the best dressed viewer on the sidelines, though!

Beckham was at the London Marathon on Sunday to support her son Romeo, who was running in the children's marathon. Despite it being a sporting event, the 41-year-old designer didn't deviate at all from her fashion fierceness, rocking skinny jeans, a leather motorcycle jacket, and six-inch Alaia boots. Though the former Spice Girl has always been a fan of her sky-high heels, they do seem a tad out of place for a marathon. Then again, seeing Victoria Beckham in sneakers would probably seem even more out of place. So scratch that.

Enviable boots and jacket aside, the best part of her outfit by far was her shirt. The proud mom sported a "Team Romeo" tee underneath her stylish garb, so even though she was rocking head-to-toe high fashion, she still got into the spirit of the event. It's like, soccer mom chic, right?

Images: Getty Images; rayanneee_719/Twitter, Daily_Express/Twitter