Charlie White Just Tied The Knot

Despite all of the things that The Cutting Edge may have taught you, figure skaters (and ice dancers) do, in fact, have the time to have personal lives. And no, they do not always fall head over blades in love with their skating partners. I know this, because Olympic Gold Medalist, Charlie White, just got married, and it wasn't to Meryl Davis — No matter how much chemistry they may have, or how many years they've stuck together. Actually, according to E! Online, White, "...wed longtime girlfriend and fellow Olympic ice dancer Tanith Belbin, 30, on Saturday at the Planterra Conservatory in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan..."

OK, OK, so he married an ice dancer, but at least she wasn't his partner. So, I'm maintaining the real life and fictional differences of films and reality. But, let it be known that The Cutting Edge is most definitely still a top notch movie.

And, obviously, just because they're not romantically involved doesn't mean they aren't still great friends. People relays that Davis was a bridesmaid in the ceremony and Belbin's former partner, Benjamin Agosto, was also at the shindig as a guest. And, the site also details that ice dancer Lauren Fenft was the maid of honor. I wonder, if you have more than 3 Olympians at any one event if the Olympic committee sponsors it? Weddings are expensive, man. I think it'd certainly help a few newlywed athletes out. Or, does this become a Dancing With the Stars event because two of their alumni are also in attendance? Hmm...

Either way, congrats to the crazy kids, White and Belbin!