This Guy Asked People To Photoshop His Eiffel Tower Photo, And The Internet Was More Than Happy To Deliver — PHOTOS

When you ask the Internet for favors, you kinda gotta prepare yourself. First off, it's best to strip yourself of any type of expectations. Brace yourself for the unknown because whatever happens, it will probably surprise you. Although we have problems agreeing on Internet access as a basic human right, it's fairly unanimous we all let our inner weird out on here...hard. So when some guy turned to the Internet to ask helpful Photoshop mavens to photoshop the Eiffel Tower beneath his finger, the Internet delivered.

Dutch food blogger Sid Frisjes took a simple jab at a worn tourist joke during a recent trip to Paris. He poorly positioned his pointing finger in the general vicinity of the iconic structure for a quick shot. Frisjes posted the image to his Instagram with the caption (among various hashtags), "Nailed it!" (Well, at least he didn't channel Rihanna when getting snapshotty at the famous French edifice.) Anyway, when Frisjes took to 4Chan to remedy his clearly in jest error (Or is it? One can never be fully certain), users went HAM on their own digital touches. After all, the only instruction from the blogger was: "Can someone photoshop the eifeltower under my finger?" There's a few interpretations for that, as it turns out. Here is the original shot Frisjes posted:

Of course this is not how it stayed. We have some choice contenders, including:

Silly putty arm


Alternately, "That Time Stretch Arm Strong Went A Bit Emo And Then Studied Abroad"

Sandbox edition


Poor Frisjes looks like a proud little kid mid-recess, posing proudly with a newly-crafted creation.

When things get meta


Or just smart ass. It's hard to tell.

Also this


Because, obviously.

And a nod to Kanye


He's kiiinda touching the sky! Kinda! OK, I don't know, guys. But at least Frisjes got what he wanted (probably).

Images: Getty Images; sidfrisjes/Instagram; Imgur(5)