Michael Fassbender Says He's Not Good-Looking: 5 Other Hot Guys Who Think They're Not

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Celebrities just say the craziest things sometimes. Like this little gem that came out of the 12 Years a Slave star Michael Fassbenders' mouth during his interview with Elle: "I never really thought of myself as good-looking," said the disgustingly handsome actor. "I think of myself as, you know, alright." No, it's not alright. Michael Fassbender, you don't think you're good-looking? Have you looked in the mirror recently? Have you not seen these photos? Or are you totally insane? Either way, saying that Michael Fassbender isn't hot is a terrible, terrible lie. You should be ashamed of yourself, Michael Fassbender.

Weirdly, Fassbender isn't the only hot actor to deny their hotness. In fact, it's some of the best-looking guys in Hollywood who insist that they aren't anything special. (Umm, do they need a civilian to tell them otherwise? Because I know of about 10 million people who would definitely like to tell them otherwise... ) Click on to see a list of five other very hot guys who are pretty "meh" about their looks. We'd be mad about their complete lack of self-awareness — but we just can't get mad at those gorgeous faces.

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