Tyra Banks Hosted The Daytime Emmys And Wore Four Different Outfits In The Process

Yes, Tyra Banks is still being fierce on television, guys. The former model and ANTM star, Tyra Banks, hosted the Daytime Emmy Awards on Sunday and looked basically unrecognizable. With her new pixie cut and four outfit changes, Banks looked much different than usual, which just proves that her style is always evolving. Banks wore multiple jumpsuits and dresses, all designed by Bryan Hearns. The looks included sheer panels, shoulder pads, and embellishments. Yes, there was a lot going on. But this is Tyra Banks we're talking about. She does want she wants, and she is fierce.

The Emmy outfits are, understandably, probably not everyone's cup of tea. Remember, I said there were shoulder pads involved Bold, bold move. But Banks worked it, and when paired with her chic pixie cut, she looked incredibly confident and comfortable, and that's really the moral of the story here. Banks opted for solid colors and bolder silhouettes, and she pulled it off quite well, pairing the outfits with super high heels, bold eye makeup, and smile jewelry. And all the while, she was smiling with her eyes. Because that's just what she does. Side note: If anyone can teach me how to smile with my eyes without looking like a sociopath, I would appreciate it a lot.

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This look was one of the more interesting ones. Like an '80s-inspired cat woman jumpsuit. Naturally.

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Because who needs both sleeves?

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Again, two sleeves are TOO much.

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And pants? WAY too much. Duh.

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