Google Knows What's In & Out For Spring Fashion

If we're really honest with ourselves, Google is pretty much our lifeline for a lot of things, but aside from finding out how tall Patrick Dempsey is and how many cats Taylor Swift owns, Google is really good at telling us what trends are here to stay (and which are on their way out). Google data just released a spring fashion trends report based on what people are searching for, and the results are extensive. But long story short? High waisted bikinis, tulle skirts, and joggers are here to stay and normcore fashion and one shoulder dresses might be on their way out.

Some of the items that are being highly searched have been rising in popularity for a while now (midi skirts, anyone?), but others are just a little more specific. For example, among the most searched for pieces for spring are emoji T-shirts, kale sweatshirts (thank you, Beyonce), and waist trainers (do I really have to tell you where that one came from?). The most-searched list for spring is a mix of surprises and expected pieces, but it's possible that the list of declining searches is even more surprising.

Normcore fashion? Apparently people have been searching for it less than you might think. Skinny jeans? Not so popular anymore either. At least, not according to Google, anyway.

The New York Times wrote a story on Google's new trend reports and data, and noted that the report categorizes the searches into sections like searches with "sustained" or "seasonal" growth. Long story short, brands are going to be working with Google to use this data in helpful ways. Makes sense. The real story here, though? Google will probably, one day, take over the entire world. Just a thought.