The Killer Is In The New 'Scream Queens' Teaser

The new horror-comedy anthology series is premiering on Fox this fall but the network is already hyping up their new show in the most deliciously creepy ways. So far the new promos for Scream Queens have featured sorority girls chewing demonic bubblegum and Emma Robert's character Chanel wielding a very large knife instead of a makeup compact, keeping to the show's plot of a murderer stalking the Greek life at a university. The latest promo not only features Chanel and bubblegum, but a bloody, disgusting ending and a look at who we can assume is Scream Queens ultimate murderer — the Red Devil.

In the promo, Chanel is chewing a stick of bubblegum in front of a mirror. When she pops the bubble, blood spews everywhere — and Chanel nonchalantly wipes it up. (Who said sorority girls were squeemish?) The promo would be in vein with the other Scream Queens guaranteed to freak us out more than inform us about the series, with the exception of one thing — we actually get to see the killer in this one. As soon as Chanel leaves the room, the Red Devil gives us a quick seconds-long look into the camera before slinking away. Have fun not having your dreams haunted, friends.

So who is this Red Devil? That's the name of the mascot at the university where the murders happen — and the person who's doing the killing's disguise of choice. Just like the killer in Scream, this murderer stalks teenagers while his (or, perhaps even more likely, her) face is concealed. Football games will never be the same at this school — they should probably consider changing the name of their school teams to something a little more basic like "the tigers" after this whole ordeal.

Check out the whole trailer below:

Images: Fox (screenshot) (2)