How Lori Can Wreak More Havoc On 'Finding Carter'

Is it just me, or is Finding Carter getting more and more bizarre with every episode? After being left with so many questions, this season has done a good job answering them, only to leave us with even more new questions — especially where Lori's concerned. She's finally landed herself behind bars these days, but that doesn't mean she's no longer a threat, or that Carter is safe from her grasp. In fact, I think it's totally possible that Lori's scheming to hurt Carter and her family on Finding Carter by using her contacts on the outside, and if she's successful, she's obviously capable of causing some serious damage.

In last week's episode, Lori had an ex-boyfriend get into contact with Carter to plead for her to be moved into a mental health facility. Obviously, Lori doesn't actually think she needs a mental health facility — she's just manipulative enough to know that, even after everything she's put Carter through, she still has the ability to pull on her pseudo-daughter's heart strings to get what she wants. Being in a hospital would let Carter come visit her more often — not that Carter's planning on it.

Um, Lori? Did you forget about the whole kidnapping thing? The whole cheating with David thing? What about the smackdown with Elizabeth in the diner parking lot? Yeah, she's totally going to visit you on the reg.

But even if Carter didn't fall for it this time, Lori could totally use the same methods to get to Carter again, and the possibilities of what could happen could end up being pretty scary.

She Could Orchestrate Another Kidnapping

So far, we've seen how determined Lori is to get Carter (and, you know, occasionally Taylor) back into her clutches. If she can call someone to talk Carter into finding $2,000, she can find someone to kidnap her daughter without anyone else in her family seeing it coming.

She May Try To Get Revenge On Elizabeth

Lori doesn't want to hurt Carter, but she definitely has it out for Elizabeth, who she sees as the woman responsible for ruining her life. I'm willing to bet that she knows some pretty shady people who wouldn't think twice about doing Lori a favor and harming Elizabeth... or worse. Maybe, in her twisted mind, she thinks that putting Elizabeth out of the picture will mean she and David can live happily ever after with their children.

She Might Be Using Crash

I refuse to believe that Crash is suddenly a reformed guy who just wants to make amends for all the bad stuff he's done. I'm convinced that he's doing something sketchy, and maybe it has to do with Lori. Maybe if Crash gets close enough to Carter again, he'll be able to help Lori with her plan in exchange for something he wants.

She Could Find A Way Out Of Jail

Lori's a master manipulator, and I don't doubt she has the skills to break out of prison and go find Carter all over again.

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