This Amy Schumer Doll Is Expectedly Hilarious

I was recently discussing Amy Schumer with my 50-year-old father, to which he said, "She's all kinds of crazy-nasty," and I know he meant that as a compliment. I couldn't have said it better myself. To drive the hilariousness home, the Official Amy Schumer Doll is here, teaching us that if you were to look in Schumer's purse at any given time, you might just find some birth control and cranberry juice to ward off those UTIs.

According to the video from Schumer's Comedy Central show, the Amy Schumer Doll is the anti-Barbie. She wakes up in bed at 1 p.m. with strange men, carries birth control in her purse, and comes with an outfit for court. Other Amy accessories, like a flask and a tramp stamp, are included as well. While she doesn't wet or cry, she does barf, and she also comes with skinny jeans.

Comedian Amy Schumer is known for her rowdy habits, like throwing herself at Kimye's feet or making crass and morally questionable jokes, but this doll takes the cake. The fact that the video is so damn hilarious is almost enough to distract me from the Cabbage-Patch-Kid-gone-wrong look of her mini-me. I mean, look at those crazy eyes.

Thanks for making us laugh, yet again Amy. You're our real American Doll.