A Huge Marriage Equality Rally Outside SCOTUS

As we speak, there's some pretty huge news for America's LGBT population brewing in the highest court in the land. The Supreme Court is considering a same-sex marriage case brought by 14 couples (as well as two widowers) challenging the legality of state-level bans. It could cause a game-changing decision, which is likely exactly why there was a big rally outside the court on Tuesday. And there are plenty of photos from the SCOTUS marriage equality rally to help set the scene for you, so why not take a look?

You can follow the pro-equality rally on Twitter, under the hashtag #Unite4Marriage, and it's a great way to remind yourself that our country can make progress now and then. Obviously, it's taken an awfully long time, but with state-level bans on same-sex marriage rapidly crumbling all around the country, a positive ruling in the plaintiff's favor could redraw the map in dramatic, possibly permanent fashion.

In other words, while it's far from settled, this seems like the perfect time for allies, advocates, and activists to make their passion felt. And so, the #Unite4Marriage rally descended outside and around the Supreme Court.

Of course, the event wasn't without some naysayers — anything like this that's high-profile enough is going to turn out some same-sex marriage opponents too, however small the number.

On the whole, it's easy to see why the event had a rather celebratory feel. Simply put, the legal case for same-sex marriage bans has never looked shakier than it does right now. Fueled by the Supreme Court's precedent-setting United States v. Windsor back in 2013, marriage equality has rushed through the country like a wildfire over the last two years. At present, a whopping 37 states have legal same-sex marriage, with just 13 states bans still tenuously in place.

Hats off to everyone who was able to make it to the demonstration, and best of luck to the plaintiffs on their day in our highest court. Make no mistake, the stakes are still sky-high.