When Was The Last Time There Was A Princess In The British Royal Family? The New Baby Is In Some Great Company

As you may have heard, on May 2, Kate Middleton gave birth to another royal bundle of joy. Middleton and the second royal baby are both said to be in good health, and that's what's most important. As we know now, the baby is a girl. But regardless of what the baby's gender would have been, some people may be wondering when the last time was that there was a princess in the United Kingdom. Well, there's actually a few princesses alive right now as we speak! And some of them are actually part of the British royal family.

Princess Alexandra, a princess by blood, was born in 1936. She has made a name for herself for tackling medical and welfare issues, working for the British Red Cross Society, Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service, and Alzheimer's Society, to name just a few. She also holds honorary law and music doctorates. The Princess Royal, also known as Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, is also a princess by blood, and was born in 1950. Much like Princess Alexandra, the Princess Royal is also part of the Royal Family, and is also known for her wide range of activist causes, which she took upon herself to undertake when she was just 18 years old.

But in more recent times, there is Princess Beatrice of York and Princess Eugenie of York who are also princesses born into the throne by blood. The younger Princess Eugenie was born in 1990, making that the last confirmed time that a princess was born into the British royal family by blood. While both of the women are known for rarely making public appearances, it is worth noting that Beatrice and Eugenie are sixth and seventh in line of succession to the throne, respectively. And these aren't the only princesses around.


You see, Camilla Parker Bowles technically holds the "Princess of Wales" title right now, and she has had it since she married Prince Charles back in 2005. Legally and constitutionally, that is her title. However, she does not use it, and that much was made clear soon after the marriage was announced. As you might remember, Camilla's romantic history with Charles is quite controversial, since part of their on again-off again relationship happened while Charles was still married to Princess Diana. (Camilla was also married to someone else at the time.) Diana and Charles divorced in 1996, but she could still keep the "Princess of Wales" title. And after Diana's tragic death in a 1997 car accident, the title "Princess of Wales" was still widely associated with her. So out of respect to both Diana and the public, Camilla opted out of using that title and instead uses the title Duchess of Cornwall.

Any way you slice it, it is safe to say that the palace is certainly not lacking in female royalty. And I'm sure that the new baby girl will learn to love and appreciate that!

Image: Getty Images