Headphone Designer Caeden Designs Wearable Tech

One of the things that turns me away from wearable tech is the glaring (literally) screen that throws off my style game. While I'd love a wearable device to track my activity throughout the day, I'd like it to be exactly that: wearable, meaning I wouldn't cringe looking at it every time. Luckily, someone's been listening, because headphone designer Caeden has just raised funds to release a screenless wearable health tracker.

According to Fashionista, Caeden raised $1.6 million from investors that include Innovation Works, Rock Health, Brand Foundry Ventures, and Cherubic Ventures. CEO Nora Levinson has put as much emphasis on the style aspect as on the technical aspect, "creating individual prototypes focused on look, feel and function and iterating until those three goals were combined in one device."

These wristbands will be available for pre-order in the Fall of 2015. While specifics about the line's list of capabilities have not been released, we will learn more when the pre-order period rolls around. This chic little gadget has even been featured in Vogue. And based on the photos on Caeden's website, it looks like this is something I would actually wear every day. You can't really go wrong with a leather bracelet, as seen by Tory Burch, Miansai, and Rebecca Minkoff.

Aside from being a stylish little cuff, it seems as this wearable gadget will also deliver when it comes to technical features. Levinson, who graduated from Stanford with a degree in mechanical engineering and production design, has worked at both Jawbone and Skullcandy, according to Fashionista. Levinson started Caeden with David Watkins just last year, and came out with a line of insanely elegant, yet sharp headphones.

I've got one word to sum up my feels on this new wearable health tracker: Gimme.

Images: Caeden