Dove's Newest Campaign Asks Visually Impaired Women What Beauty Means To Them, And It's Incredibly Moving

At this point, I know to watch any Dove commercial with a box of tissues, and their newest campaign is no exception (read: I cried multiple times). Dove's newest campaign asks visually impaired women what beauty means to them, and it's as moving as you'd expect.

The Swedish commercial features three women, two of whom have been blind for over a decade, Naomi Allbäck and Anna Bergholtz, and the last, Ida Östlund, who has been visually impaired since she was born and can only see light and darkness. The three women sit in an empty white room on a floral couch and talk about their insecurities (specifically when they were younger), how their life has changed, and what true beauty means to them.

Bergholtz says, "I feel beautiful on the days when I feel like life is fun." And to Allbäck, it's if she's in love. And for Östlund, she says "I feel beautiful when I'm energetic, when I'm feeling good, when I'm feeling strong," and adds later on, "when it feels as if I'm in the right place, doing the right things, meaningful things, I automatically feel beautiful."

The video, which was created by Edelman Deportivo, an agency based in Stockholm, is extremely powerful, and discusses a different type of beauty than we’re used to — beauty that comes from within, and has nothing to do with sizes and labels, and focuses on the beauty we find in each other’s souls.

Ida and Naomi also touches on feeling insecure about the way they looked in their younger years, and how they overcame that as they aged. Naomi says, “As I’m approaching 40, I pay more attention to all the beautiful people around me.”

I've said it once and I'll say it again — grab your box of tissues when you watch this. You've been warned.

Images: YouTube (3)