Wear This Breathalyzer As A Necklace

You'd be lying to yourself if you said you have never struggled with deciding between getting another drink or calling it a night. If you find yourself asking that question more than you'd like to admit, you might want to get yourself Lapka's BAM, a wireless breathalyzer that will tell you your BAC levels right away. Oh, and you can totally wear it as a stylish necklace, too.

Created by health-conscious company Lapka, BAM is a breathalyzer that syncs to your smartphone via a companion app. If you’re not tech-savvy, don’t worry — BAM doesn’t require any syncing, pairing, or a fancy-shmancy set-up. All you have to do is breathe into BAM and after the electrochemical platinum fuel cell sensor quickly processes an accurate reading, the app will pop up with your BAC levels along with an estimated amount of time that it’ll take your body to burn off all that alcohol.

What's more, you can share it with your friends, as long as you use your hand as a mouthpiece. Oh, and once your Apple Watch comes in, all your readings can be recorded right on your wrist, helping you keep track of how many drinks you've had all night (or how many drinks you had, in case you don't remember the next morning).

BAM comes in four different color options: Transparent, Black, White, and my fave, Red Splatter, and will cost $99. Although they're not available for purchase just yet, you can keep an eye out for a release date on Lapka's Twitter and Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Lapka (2)