This 'Vogue' Video Is A Must-Watch

Despite all evidence to the contrary, models are just regular human beings with the added benefit of an extra five or ten inches. If you're still doubtful of the fact, nowhere is the normalcy more apparent than in Vogue's denim dance film starring Gigi Hadid, Binx Walton, and Emily Ratajkowski, amongst others, all showcasing their talents (or lack thereof). Directed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch and styled by Jorden Bickham, "All My Friends Love to Dance, Wear Jeans" documents an afternoon in the life of a model as she sashays through Vogue's editorial set and dances across a cement floor sporting the season's most coveted denim styles.

Anyone intrigued by the life of a top model may miss the denim component completely; after all, the video plays like a film rendition of a tabloid magazine. Models: they're just like us! Models twirl, stumble, stick out their tongues, leap, and pout! It would seem that models are in fact just as ungainly and peculiar as the average woman, if not more so.

However, the true story beneath the tomfoolery is the plethora of denim styles on display for the season. 2015 is inarguably the time to embrace denim you may not have thought would ever see the light of day.

Culottes, overalls, exaggerated bell bottoms, and jumpsuits all make an appearance in the video, proclaiming the debut of a season devoted to idiosyncratic style — both in terms of personality and sartorial prowess.

The film issues two primary lessons; first, models aren't perfect (and thank goodness for that small miracle); and second, there is no one trending style of denim this season, so indulge in every cut and color under the sun.

Check out the full video below.