Public School And DKNY Merge In The Coolest Way

Those who adore the edgy basics of Public School and the trendy traditional style of DKNY are in for a sartorial treat. Public School designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne will be the creative directors of DKNY, Fashionista reports. Prepare yourself for a DKNY renaissance, because the CFDA-favored design duo's expertise lies in injecting stylish staples with a hefty dose of downtown chic.

Chow and Osbourne founded Public School in New York City seven years ago, utilizing a locavore business model, which manifests itself in the intensely creative, sometimes gritty, and refreshingly avant-garde pieces created for each subsequent season. Public School's designs are primarily rendered in neutrals and black and white, allowing intriguing tailoring, prints, and fabric to take center stage.

DKNY, meanwhile, maintains a strong foothold in the black and white spectrum with unexpected explosions of color throughout each collection. Aesthetically, the pairing makes logical sense; both brands draw cultural references from the street style of New York City and prefer to design basics with a twist. However, DKNY's designs are often somewhat staid, taking a permanent backseat to Donna Karan's eponymous line.

By nominating Chow and Osborne as leaders of the DKNY creative team, DKNY is choosing sartorial progress over stasis, a wise choice in an industry known to leave flailing brands by the wayside unless they keep up with their youthful consumers. Come Spring 2016 Fashion Week, the world will finally receive a much-anticipated glimpse of the Public School/DKNY union. And I can't wait to see the results.