SJP's Eponymous Line Almost Wasn't Eponymous

It is truly rare to encounter an actor who doesn't enjoy the notoriety of attaching their name to fragrances, footwear lines, or cosmetics, but Sarah Jessica Parker is one such anomaly. Fashionista reports that a truly humble Parker was mortified at naming her eponymous SJP footwear collection while chatting with attendees of this week's Brand Innovators Top 50 Women In Marketing event. With Parker's extensive talent, it seems, comes an unforeseen and incredibly refreshing level of humility.

Parker's shoe brand first walked onto the fashion scene in February 2014, when SJP debuted at Nordstrom with a vibrantly-hued and reasonably-priced collection. The collection received a significant amount of media attention and has since offered Parker the opportunity to create footwear for cult brand Tome. However, it seems that Parker has not let the success alter her admirable work ethic or give the actress and designer an inflated sense of self-worth, however deserved it may be. Parker explained to her captive audience, InStyle's Ariel Foxman, at the Women In Marketing event, "I begged everybody [not to call it that], but Nordstrom thought it was the right thing to do. It embarrassed me. I actually didn’t like it, but they talked me into it."

Perhaps other creatives and actor/designer hybrids will follow suit and adopt Parker's attitude towards her work. Indeed, the fashion industry would have an infinitely more sterling reputation if modesty were the universal standard instead of showboating.