Eyebrow Wigs Actually Look Better Than They Sound

If you need any more evidence that the #BrowsOnFleek movement has gotten out of control, look no further. Apparently, eyebrow wigs exist, and they're becoming the next step for ladies who are looking for that flawless, full arch. And, contrary to how the name makes them sound, they actually look pretty natural. Could getting model-worthy brows really be as easy as slapping on these babies?

Eyebrow wigs were originally intended for cancer patients and people who have lost their brows due to other disorders or issues, but women are beginning to use them as remedies for over-plucking or naturally thin brows. It's an incredible innovation for people who haven't been in control of their eyebrow hair loss, but is it worth it for people who have just gone a little bit tweezer-crazy in the past?

PopSugar writer Jessica Cruel test drove a pair from HairPlace NYC for a few days and reported on her findings. Essentially, the brows are constructed by carefully securing human hairs onto a "clear, skin-like polymer base" that feels kind of like rubber, she says. (Some of the clear part did end up showing up on her brows, but she filled it in with pencil.) They're made in different shades and shapes, so you can find one that most resembles your natural arches.

As for the attachment process, they're secured using adhesive glue (kind of like false eyelashes), and the application took her about 15 minutes from start to finish. Cruel had hers professionally placed, but you can DIY-it yourself if you order them online.


The brows started coming off on the third day, she says, and she completely removed them with a bit of makeup remover. Till then, though, they stuck pretty well — impressive for what's essentially a high-tech sticker with hair, right? At $95 a pair, they don't come cheap, but the good news is that they'll last you up to six months.

Ultimately, she said that although the three days of model-worthy brows was a good experience, she'll be heading back to filling in her arches with makeup. Definitely understandable — I knew I was out when she mentioned that even though they looked natural, it did often feel like stickers on her face. "I often had the urge to either yank them away or hold them in place," she says. I have a feeling that would be wildly annoying.

I can't say I'd try them for myself, but I'm glad someone blazed the trail for me – at least now I can confidently fill in my brows knowing that that's probably the best option for me.

Image: Getty Images; ThreadsEmporium/Twitter