Will Ferrell Hasn't Aged & Amy Poehler Was A Wee Little Nugget In This Vintage 'Conan' Sketch

Has anyone else publicly stated that Will Ferrell is a vampire? Because I think Will Ferrell might be a vampire. No reason, just the fact that he apparently hasn't aged in 15 years. This is evidenced in this vintage Conan sketch, featuring Ferrell and a baby Amy Poehler.

Need to feel old? Conan O'Brien is celebrating his 20th year on television right now. As such, his team is uploading old sketches to his website, including this gem, "Scrub-a-Dub," which has Will Ferrell as a dick-ish Mr. Clean type causing mayhem around the set, and a cameo by Amy Poehler as a wee young lass with whom Scrub-a-Dub fornicates with in public.

The sketch is circa 1997 (I happened to be in the first grade at the time) and it's interesting to think back to where Amy Poehler was in her career then. She was not yet the Reigning Queen of Comedy with Tina Fey; in fact she wasn't even on Saturday Night Live yet. Poehler moved to New York in 1996, whereupon she (along with her Upright Citizens Brigade co-founders) landed the gig of appearing on Conan as sketch regulars. It was about a year later that UCB's sketch show would debut on Comedy Central.

Yes, it's all rather adorable, even if it does involve public fornication. It's also kind of weird to think about how long Andy Richter's been sitting on that couch.