Don't Make These Dudes' Makeup Mistakes

When ladies are looking for a new makeup look, they'll often go to their girlfriend, sister, or maybe even their mom for an at-home makeover. Their boyfriends, on the other hand, don't often make the cut, but what happens when men apply makeup to women for the first time? Cosmopolitan challenged six men to give six women a full beauty look for a new video, and the results are interesting, to say the least.

We're not being sexist here: Guys totally have the ability to dole flawless makeup looks (take a peek backstage at any fashion show and you'll see plenty of dudes expertly wielding brushes). Just not these guys. Try not to judge them too hard. Remember how scary an eyelash curler looked when you first saw one?

While it is often not my goal to look "kind of Sound of Music" (as one guy put it), you gotta admit that these hapless dudes really did try their best at executing some pretty ambitious cat eyes and Kim K- level contouring. But some major beauty blunders were unfortunately committed. It's not their fault — they haven't had years of practice like so many women have.

Take a look at their makeup mistakes below — not to make fun, but to ensure you don't go out looking like your little brother wielded your makeup brush. But also kind of to make fun.

1. When it comes to foundation, less is more.

In the wise words of Full House's Aunt Becky, "the secret to makeup is to look like you're not wearing any." While that's not necessarily true about all makeup looks (was a sexy smoky eye not a thing back then?), you always want to keep your foundation looking natural. Try a foundation with buildable coverage, like Armani's Face Fabric Foundation to avoid saying, "Oh my god, I put a little too much on there. But i got a Starbucks napkin from the way over..." Um, ew.

2. Blend that blush

You're pretty much going to want to do the exact opposite of what these men did in the video. To avoid looking like the aforementioned Sound of Music character, use a cream blush for super easy blend-ability.

3. Use bronzer sparingly

Sorry, but that's not a nice beachy glow this looks like. These fellas seemed to apply the product all over the poor girls' faces, which is a big bronzer no-no. You ideally want to put bronzer only where the sun would naturally hit you — cheekbones, forehead, and lightly along the bridge of the nose.

4. Don't do a cat eye like this

Ok, so these guys may not be handy with the eyeliner, but I'm mucho impressed that they even attempted to wing it out. Their big mistake was trying to just draw a straight line across the eyelid — something that can usually only be done after a ton of practice. For eyeliner newbies, try the age-old trick of applying tiny dots of eyeliner along the lash line and then connect-the-dots for one sleek line.

Check out the video for even more beauty blunders.

Images: Screenshots