David Bowie's 'Love Is Lost' Music Video Cost Impressively Little To Make, Is Very David Bowie

David Bowie's still at it, yo. He might not be wearing pants quite as tight as they were in Labyrinth, but he's strutting his stuff and generally being weird in his own special way. But what else do we love him for except for exactly that? David Bowie's "Love Is Lost" music video is here — oh and did we mention it only cost $12.99 to make?

And yes, this music video is creepy. But it's that special David Bowie type of creepy, the type that we've come to expect from these past bazillion years that David Bowie has been a human (arguably) on this planet.

This video — the song for which is actually a remix of "Love Is Lost," produced by LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy — is very full of puppets. Also of David Bowie's face transplanted onto things for some reason? We don't even know, we just know that it's all Very David Bowie.

The video was made almost entirely by Bowie himself, who according to The Huffington Post wrote, shot, and edited the thing from his Manhattan office. The aforementioned $12.99? That's the cost of the flash drive he used.

So now we know that David Bowie's got some super creepy mannequins just lying around his office. Because of course he does.

DavidBowieVEVO on YouTube