Celebrities React To The Kentucky Derby On Twitter & Their Posts Will Make You Feel Like You're There

If you intend to put your money on someone who knows a lot about the 141st Kentucky Derby, then here’s a helpful tip: Don't bet on me because the odds are not in my favor. Honestly, most of what I know about the elegant equestrian event that ascends upon the famous Churchill Downs track in Louisville every May has nothing to do with the actual betting or the race — but, rather more to do with the crazy hats, horses with hilarious names, high stakes, and highfalutin folks who flock to the race to socialize and sip on $1000 mint juleps. Also, the guaranteed celebrity sightings: In addition to rich people, tons of celebrities will be flocking to this event — in fact, Ashley Judd will narrate the Kentucky Derby's opening this year, making her the first woman to voice the event since NBC first broadcast it in 2001. Also, Josh Groban will perform the national anthem.

Despite my limited knowledge of the first Triple Crown in horse racing, it’s pretty obvious that the Kentucky Derby involves far more than cheering horses to the finish line, and that you don’t necessarily have to be a hardcore equestrian to appreciate and enjoy the festivities. I mean, why else would huge celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miranda Lambert and Ian Somerhalder show up every year if the race wasn’t also a major “see and be seen” affair?

Well, it certainly sounds like the place to be. Fortunately, those of us who aren’t attending can live vicariously through these celebrities tweeting about the Kentucky Derby: