Little Girl Cuts Her Own Hair to Look Like Her Dad, And She Is Owning This Look So Hard — VIDEO

Learning the dos and don'ts of how to cut your own hair takes time, practice, patience, and many mistakes. I feel like everyone can name at least five people they know who, as children, gave themselves truly unfortunate haircuts. Well, add young Olya to the list of young ones who found the siren song of scissors irresistible when she cut her hair to look like her dad. When I was a kid, there was one memorable sleepover at my friend Rebecca's house where all the girls present found a basket of scissors (to this day, I don't know why Rebecca had a basket full of scissors), stood in front of a mirror, and giggled as they gave themselves haircuts. All but one girl: me. It's probably the one time I was able to show more maturity than my peers, because I actually remember thinking, "You're all idiots. How can you think this is going to end well?" (Rebecca's sister Meagan had the worst time of it, having cut her bangs completely off. I was not wrong.)

The difference between Olya and the girls at that fateful sleepover, however, is powerful and wonderful. Whereas my fellow 7-year-olds realized what they had done and began sobbing (which drew the attention of Rebecca's mom, who freaked out, which made them sob harder, at which point I began crying in solidarity), this little girl is ridiculously pleased as evidenced by this exchange with her father

"Olya, mum is going to kill us."
"No. She will say how cool it is."

Like a boss! Olya is all


And come on: she can pull this off. And how can you get mad at her motivation?


Enjoy the full video below, then go gather some adorable pixie cut pictures for your "Summer Hair Styles" Pinterest board.

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